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[…] Appears a bit brittle to my ears tho so I could possibly have to accomplish the intense cap mod as explained here, Vox AC15CC Mod Manual

Regarding other mods to carry out, have you done every one of the mods inside the post? Every one of the mods are pretty simple and inexpensive to complete, so I’d advocate them if you are searching for far more ‘tweaks’ to try and do.

I might also improve out C8 (for ‘completness’ because your transforming out C9) and C15 (the cap that sits from the tone Slash circuit).

Take out the modest block of wood and attach it for your new Accutronics 8EB2C1B unit (the holes match up beautifully).

Thus far I've done the brilliant cap mod and replaced the speaker. The brilliant cap mod truly normally takes a few of the shrill treble out in the amp and for the better. I replaced the Warfsdale inventory speaker having an Eminence Purple Coat “Pink Fang” eight ohm alnico speaker. I went With all the Crimson Fang as the value was $149.

Many thanks for your educational report which I discovered even though doing repair Focus on just one of those voxes. Just wanting to know, from the Photograph it appears to be as if R72 and R73 tend to be the 82R as selected to the schematic I have. However, I pulled 220R resistors out of these positions, the two O/C and the two causing board burnout and arcing to floor. They were super low-cost resistors and didn’t rather glimpse ‘manufacturing facility mounted’ for those who know what I necessarily mean. The one thing is, The shopper is adamant that he acquired the amp brand-new so somebody is both lying to him, the amp was messed with in the store or Vox experienced a revision at some point using this type of price, probably indicated by Rev2D from Online Vape Shop of the Year the schematic notes.

Silver plating is used to offer greatest efficiency, because it’s One of the more extremely conductive metals. When contemplating a plated pin, make sure you pay attention on the thickness on the coating (calculated in microns). Even though plating can be helpful, an inexpensive and slim layer will induce that profit to disappear To put it briefly buy.

Hello Dave, here is The solution with your concern. I have set up the amp under the electronic processor and it’s useless tranquil! The warmth dissipation dilemma doesn’t look big but, but I’l retain my eye on this.

I tried that EQ mod you mentioned and After i cranked the bass many of the way the bass sign was Slice off. Am i able to mod the EQ so I can crank equally Bass and Treble with each other?

Observe: Swapping the 1K resistor by using a choke will bring about an increased B+/HT voltage. In the event you swap in a choke, It's also advisable to look at rising the values from the screen/grid resistors on the power valves, usually they are going to have as well higher a voltage on them. This may lead to decreased lifespan within your electricity valves.

For vapers which might be worried about overall performance, copper is almost always the best choice. It’s far more conductive than chrome steel and a little far more conductive than brass. Should you’ve ever absent to your cloud comp, you’ll typically find the best opponents applying copper mods for his or her superior conductivity.

I taken off the “vibrant cap” now and it certainly seemed to get rid of the irritating fizzy, brittle Appears in the event the amp is overdriven. I’m so happy I found This page. Even so, I do must state that eradicating the cap was not so simple as said because the cap didn’t just “fall out” following Placing the iron to the solder joints.

Mac customers can swap the command/Management /selections keys to match the Mac keyboard format using the Mac OS X keyboard control panel

Yeh….These will be the caps to alter out. Fundamentally you wish to change the caps that happen to be instantly in the sign path.

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